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5 Lucrative Logistics Career Paths to Consider

With the median pay for logistics employees in May 2018 being $74,600, logistics careers can provide stable and lucrative opportunities. Jobs in logistics are vital to any commerce-related company. And, as the need for the transportation of goods across global borders continues to grow, it drives employment growth for operations and supply chain management experts and logisticians.

Individuals who hold jobs in logistics are vital to keeping products and goods moving from product creation to the end user. As such, you can find jobs in logistics in virtually all industries that sell products or goods. The logistics career path could land you operations and supply chain management jobs in warehouses, manufacturing plants, oil and gas plants, or with transportation companies. Below are five of the most lucrative logistics careers to consider.


Supply Chain Director

Supply chain managers and directors oversee the entire supply chain operation from the loading of goods for transport to storage and distribution of those goods. Supply chain directors often have employees in the supply chain department that report to them and oversee vendor sourcing and selection, storage, transportation, and product distribution. Supply chain directors work with several individuals internal and external to an organization, so strong customer service skills are a must.


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Logistics Supervisor

A logistics supervisor is often the glue that holds it all together and the oil that keeps things moving smoothly. The logistics supervisor is the conduit or liaison for order fulfillment information between the supply chain manager and operations manager and oversees inventory management. 


Transportation Manager

Consider the millions of goods that are transported throughout the world daily. Many companies rely on third-party providers to transport these goods and track them electronically. A transportation manager is at the heart of ensuring the goods are shipped and make it to their destinations on time. Transportation managers act as the liaison between the consumer and distributors and need to have excellent customer service skills, problem solving abilities, and attention to detail.


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Sourcing Manager

Sourcing managers are a vital player in operations and supply chain management. They are responsible for analyzing sourcing options, reducing supply risk, maintaining optimal internal supply chain controls, and implementing new sourcing solutions. Sourcing managers need to have great problem solving and analytical skills.


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Logistics Business Systems Analyst

Companies are always looking for ways to increase efficiency. A business systems analyst who specializes in logistics will be able to monitor the current operations and supply chain management systems in place to highlight areas for improvement, research any issues or bottlenecks, and offer suggestions for efficiencies and cost savings where appropriate.


Though logistics careers are in high-demand, the logistics career path is a competitive one. If your heart is set on the logistics career path, consider a bachelor’s degree and training to support your goals. In the meantime, check out jobs in the logistics field in your area.

By iHire | February 12, 2020
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