There are many options when choosing your logistics career path.

Everything You Need to Know to Begin Your Logistics Career Path

Logistics careers are demanding and take the right personality to master. After all, it's a very complex industry. Logistics companies face pricing competition, strict delivery deadlines, and their customers' demands. So, they need exceptional customer service and reliable, seamless processes. Does that dynamic environment sound like something you would enjoy?

The great news is that with the right job match, logistics jobs are fulfilling and fun. How do you get the right experience and training, and then find the job that you will love in the logistics field? The tips that follow will help you start your logistics career path the right way.


A career in logistics begins with training and basic experience


Training and Experience -- Your Ticket to a Rewarding Career in Logistics

Some logistics professionals begin their careers behind the wheel of a truck, but there are many other positions and types of work available within this growing segment of the economy. In fact, shortages of qualified logistics workers are almost constant. While tough on companies, shortages are good news for workers entering the field—especially warehouse workers and drivers—as more opportunities are available. When considering potential logistics jobs, decide what you want your logistics career path to look like. Next, decide where you want to start and then formulate your plan from beginning to end.


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Types of Logistics Jobs Available

First, take a look at the different types of jobs available in the logistics industry. Roles and responsibilities, work environment, and experience and training needed vary widely.


Your logistics career may focus on warehousing and manufacturing


Warehouse and Manufacturing Jobs

These include warehouse workers, shipping and receiving agents, shelf pickers, and materials handlers. Needs exist for clerks, customer service professionals, and management personnel, too.

There are also logistics jobs in manufacturing plants. These positions include packaging engineers, materials coordinators, distribution managers, and purchasing and procurement professionals. These positions are critical to keeping product moving from the plant to the end-users.


Transportation companies offer great logistics career opportunities


Transportation Company Jobs

Many manufacturers and other companies rely on third-party logistics (3PL) providers. 3PL companies have contracts to move freight from one place to another. External companies offer further opportunities for positions in logistics. Titles to look for include freight forwarding specialist, import and export coordinator, logistics coordinator, transport planners, dispatchers, sales professionals, and transport scheduler.


Gain experience and get trained to make the most of your logistics career


Gaining Experience and Getting Training

With today's robust logistics industry, gaining experience in lower-level positions is easy. If you aspire to logistics management, a logistics job in a warehouse or a local driving job is a great point of entry. This also allows you to earn a living while learning and growing in your logistics career.

You might also opt for logistics training before beginning a logistics job search. Good training helps you enter the field in a more senior position with expanded responsibility and higher pay. There are many logistics training courses available. Online logistics training formats are even available for ease and convenience.

To upgrade or begin a driving job at a higher pay scale, consider obtaining a commercial driver's license (CDL). No matter which entry-level path you choose, there are plenty of logistics jobs to choose from. Also, you can rest assured many career advancement opportunities exist in almost every geographical area. Of course, areas near ports and on the coasts have an abundance of logistics jobs. The top states in terms of new logistics jobs on iHireLogistics include California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Ohio.


The top 5 states for logistics job opportunities may surprise you


How to Find Logistics Jobs

Once you have decided if you prefer advanced training or on-the-job training (OJT), a comprehensive logistics job search will likely yield many open positions. Of course, knowing where to look for logistics openings is critical. Look to iHireLogistics for first-rate logistics jobs and extensive advice on furthering a rewarding career in logistics.

By Denise Gabbard, Guest Author | November 20, 2017
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