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How to Hire a Logistics Supervisor

Logistics is the field of managing product flow from suppliers and manufacturers down to the consumers and companies who need them. Since the logistics supervisor oversees this process, it’s important to hire the right person for the job. Writing an effective logistics job description and offering a healthy benefits package will help you attract the best candidates for shipping and receiving duties.


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Determine Shipping and Receiving Duties

There are many different types of management jobs under the logistics industry umbrella, so it’s important to tailor a logistics job description to the specific duties required. For example, the supervisor or manager of a small bike courier company won’t have the same responsibilities as a logistics supervisor handling dozens of air shipments per day.

Plus, logistics supervisor salary levels are directly related to the required shipping and receiving duties, so it’s critical that you clarify the skills needed for the job. Include them in your job description to narrow your search and attract more qualified applicants.


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Consider Key Skills for Warehouse Supervisor Jobs

While job duties will be specific to each role, there are some skills that all logistics supervisors will need to succeed. Effective supervisors have high rates of accuracy in inventory reports – if possible, ask applicants to provide records of previous job performance so that you can reliably assess their skill. You may also prioritize candidates who are familiar with the logistics software packages that will be used on the job. That way, you’ll spend less time training and onboarding your new hire.

Many of the best candidates for warehouse supervisor jobs work their way up in the industry and may only have a GED or high school diploma. However, for positions offering a high logistics supervisor salary, a degree in management or logistics is a common requirement. And don’t forget about soft skills – expert communication and conflict resolution are key in high pressure warehouses and logistics environments.


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Select a Benefits Package and Logistics Supervisor Salary

Setting the right salary and offering attractive benefits will help you get more responses to your job ad. The median pay for logistics supervisor and manager positions is $94,000, but the salary range stretches from $56,000 to $158,000 a year. That means pay can vary greatly depending on the duties required of the supervisor.

Since salaries in this industry are highly variable, your logistics job description should provide details on the salary and compensation package. Job ads that state the pay and job duties up front are more attractive to experienced logistics managers looking for new opportunities. If your company needs to offer a lower-than-average salary for the area or position, try increasing the benefits package or offering unique perks to compensate.


To attract the right candidates for your logistics supervisor position, an effective job ad and appropriate salary is key. Make sure you clearly state job duties, required skills, and compensation in your job description so that you can find your next great hire in no time.

By iHire | April 15, 2020